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Social Security Disability

When You Are Unable to Work…

Most of the people who come to our law office to discuss Social Security disability had never before considered the idea that they would not be able to work. It is difficult to think about not working and to think about long-term — maybe life-long — disability. We are here to answer your questions and help you through the process.

Questions About Social Security Disability?
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At the Iaconis Law Office in Chittenango, New York, we serve clients throughout the Syracuse area. Most of our legal practice focuses on helping people who are unable to work because of a workplace injury (covered by workers' compensation) and/or a non-work related disability (covered by Social Security).

When you have been unable to work, it is very stressful. When the short-term benefits from work run out (usually after five months) and no medical doctor believes you can or should work, that can be downright frightening. Income stops, but you still need groceries, gas for the car, a roof over your head and utilities.

Fortunately, while you were working, every paycheck put money into FICA. You paid for Social Security disability benefits. Unfortunately, you have to be unable to work for 12 consecutive months in order to qualify for those benefits. Even if your physician tells you that you won't be able to return to work for over one year, you may be denied on your first application.

To be told that you are not eligible because your disability is not serious enough is usually shocking and frustrating. If you are a person with a steady work record, it is hard to understand why anyone would think that you would voluntarily give up the benefits of working, unless you had no choice. However, the Social Security law and regulations are not as unfavorable as the denial would seem. The Social Security Disability process involves people who are often overworked and who make mistakes. It is critical not to blindly accept a denial when you honestly believe that you cannot handle either your regular work or any other reasonable work on a full-time basis.

To understand your rights, contact an experienced Social Security disability lawyer.

  • SSD process: Learn how to get started on an SSD claim for your Social Security disability benefits.
  • SSD benefits: Find out how much your disability check will be When will you qualify for Medicare?
  • What's a disability? A disability is any combination of mental and physical impairments that materially interferes with your ability to perform the basic activities of life and work.
  • Working with your doctor: Medical evidence is absolutely essential in making a successful disability claim. After that medical evidence, your need may not be what you, or your doctor, expect.
  • Appeals and hearings: If you have been turned down on your application, what happens next?

Please see our Social Security disability FAQ. You are always welcome to call us with questions.

Social Security disability is a benefit available when you cannot work but the system can be difficult to negotiate and understand. Contact our attorney, who has been handling Social Security disability claims for decades. At the Iaconis Law Office, we have experience, we know the laws and we want you to have the benefits you need.