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Working With Your Doctor

The SSD System Requires Medical Evidence

Doctors like to work with patients, take good care of their patients, and help patients deal with medical problems. They do not like to fill out paperwork. That can be a problem when you need medical documentation about your disability.

Questions About Social Security Disability?
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The entire Social Security disability system is guided by medical evidence. A doctor's specific opinions and clinical findings are required in order to qualify for SSD benefits. With decades of experience, the Iaconis Law Office knows how to work with doctors and their staffs to get the required information. From our office in Chittenango, we serve clients throughout the Syracuse area.

We have a registered nurse in our office who actively researches the medical conditions of our clients, can interpret medical records, and finds the favorable medical test results and clinical findings that Social Security needs to support a favorable decision. Our nurse also speaks to medical office personnel as a fellow professional, facilitating cooperation with medical providers.

We know your doctor wants to help you. In many cases, a doctor simply does not know what SSD is looking for and how to provide the information in an effective way. An experienced SSD lawyer can help the doctor and staff understand what is needed.

  • You may need to see another doctor. We certainly do not want to disrupt the treatment you are getting from a trusted doctor, but another physician may be able to go through the medical records, do the evaluation and provide the reports you need for the SSD process.
  • Your doctor is essential to the SSD process. No one knows you and your medical condition better. An experienced attorney will know how to communicate with your doctor. You focus on your treatment. We will work on your SSD claim application.

Medical documentation of your disability is absolutely essential in order to get the benefits you need and deserve. We can work with your doctor and the doctor's staff to make sure the Social Security office understands your disability and your inability to work.

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