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Workers' Compensation Benefits

Benefits Include Partial Wages and Full Medical

The purpose of workers' compensation is to protect workers who have been injured at work. Employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance to assure the benefits are there when you need them. Workers' compensation benefits are available as long as you need them. This is true not only when you are totally disabled, but also when you are partially disabled.

Questions About Workers' Compensation?
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  • Lost wage benefits may pay up to two-thirds of your average weekly wage. The amount is subject to a maximum and the degree of your disability — while you are unable to work at your regular job. For persons who are unable to regain full use of the injured part of the body, workers' comp pays "scheduled loss of use" awards and permanent partial disability payments. These payments are in addition to lost wage benefits while initially out of work.
  • All work injury medical bills are covered. The medical coverage includes doctor and hospital bills, physical and occupational therapy, bandages and necessary medical equipment that are needed for the work-related injury. It also reimburses many out-of-pocket expenses to obtain treatment and prescriptions. It also includes reimbursement for mileage, parking and tolls.
  • In case of a worker's death, dependents are paid. Workers' compensation will direct disability payments to a spouse, dependent children or dependent parents. If there are no dependents, a lump sum will be paid to the estate. Funeral expenses will also be paid or reimbursed. However, these benefits are not automatic and MUST be applied for by a surviving spouse, dependents, or estate administrator.

Being injured at work is disruptive and frustrating. It can be difficult to deal with medical treatment and with your desire to get back to work. It can take time — especially with serious injuries — to be healed enough to do your old job. If you do not completely recover, you may even need to train for a different job. These are matters that you need to be informed of so that you can make reasonable choices about your future.

Attorney Paul Iaconis and licensed compensation representative John Iaconis are here to help you understand your benefits and your rights under workers' compensation law. Contact us for a free consultation.