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Utica, NY Personal Injury Attorney

One of the most stressful experiences you can imagine is being in an auto accident or being hurt while on the job. Instantly, you are faced with great uncertainty as you must figure out how to pay your bills and maintain your lifestyle while injured. Thatís why, if you live in Utica and are injured on the job or are in an auto accident, you should contact Iaconis Law Office for personal injury attorney representation. Paul F. Iaconis has been helping individuals since 1975 to ensure they receive the workerís compensation or social security disability they are entitled to.

Your Utica Accident Attorney

An accident is a complex case. There are many factors involved and itís important that you hire a lawyer who can analyze all of them quickly to ensure your case is handled properly. When you contact the Iaconis Law Office thatís exactly what you will get. With more than 30 years of experience working with individuals who have been injured on-the-job or in an auto accident, Paul F. Iaconic will strive to get you the most possible for your injuries.

After discussing with you all of the relevant information related to your accident, Iaconis or an associate personal injury attorney at the Iaconis Law Office will start crafting a case. We see it is our responsibility to ensure you are protected in the future, no matter how severe or debilitating your accident and existing injuries might be.

Choosing Iaconis Law to Represent You

If the time has come to take action, call Paul F Iaconis at Iaconis Law Office today. For anybody living in Utica, New York or any of the surrounding Syracuse greater area, the personal injury attorney you can rely on is Paul F. Iaconis. We will ensure you are protected every step of the way and receive the compensation you need to continue to live your life as you did before your accident.